• Would you be willing to travel? (uk only) - Yes of cours, I would need to give you a personalised quote to cover travel/hotel costs (depending on area) but it wouldn’t be a massive jump.

  • Would you be willing to travel overseas? - I love to explore and see different places so making memories for people whilst being abroad would be a dream so YES! But I would need to provide a quote to cover cost and accommodation. I may need to also require a larger deposit. 

  • Can you provide a second photographer? - I can, as I know a few very talented photographers who I know would help me on the day (depending on their availability)

  • Can you do smaller packages for a smaller weddings?- Yes I can do that, I will quote for the hours you require me

  • Can you provide prints/photo book?- I can do this but it will be an extra cost

  • Can you do videography? - Unfortunately I cannot (I really wish)

  • Do you know other suppliers?(florists, Bakers, hair dressers etc) - I most certainly do, I have a big list of trust worthy people who are talented at their job. Just ask away, I am here to help.

  • Would you be willing to stay late if required? - yes I can but there will be a slight extra cost as I tend to finish after first dance